RWB brought Swasap into the UK railway axle market some twenty years ago including securing UK supply accreditation, now RISAS approval. RWB continue to be a major supplier of axles to the UK mainline rail industry, including for London Underground wheelset overhaul. Customers include Transport for London, Wabtec Faiveley UK, Pullman Rail and Loram Rail.

Axles can typically be delivered anywhere in the UK in around 16 weeks from receipt of customer order and are delivered protected against corrosion in accordance with the necessary standards.

Swasap have maintained an excellent reputation for the supply of railway axles, proved by their significant accreditation certification. As well as being a RISAS approved manufacturer of railway axles (solid and hollow) for use in the UK, Swasap also possess Association of American Railroads (AAR) certification, BS EN ISO 9001:2008, BS EN ISO 14001 and International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS).

Swasap is a self-contained facility, solely for the production of railway axles, located near Johannesburg in South Africa. The site boasts a GFM axle forge, heat treatment facilities, numerous CNC machining capabilities and an on-site metallurgy laboratory for the analysis of all product materials.

With over 60 years’ experience in the manufacture of railway axles and conforming to every international standard, Swasap Quality Assurance is exceptional. Axles are subject to inspection at every key stage of production to ensure full compliance of all products produced on site. Swasap supply axles to amongst others, South African Railways, American Railways and the UK rail industry.

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With unquestionable amounts of knowledge and experience in axle manufacturing, Swasap axles are used in the UK with every assurance of full product compliance. As part of Swasap’s initiative to keep a continuous specialised workforce, they work in partnership with a local high school to give skills training and job opportunities to local children.