Heritage railway vehicle vacuum brake equipment and components

Carriage and Wagon Brake Components

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for any railway braking applications. Whatever the need, we will assist wherever possible.

We have always had a large focus on the heritage railway braking components, expanding on the components we currently supply to ensure we keep you on track.

We can supply vacuum brake overhaul kits, vacuum brake hoses, brake blocks, air brakes, associated components, steam heating hardware and vacuum cylinder components including complete cylinders and valves.

Bespoke Items

From our vast range of in house drawings and talented international suppliers we have the unique ability to have almost any heritage components reproduced to the required British Standard. These Include:

Complete Vacuum Cylinders – Passenger Communication Valves – Dummy Couplings – Gaurd’s Brake Valves - Release Valves and vacuum brake hoses in any size and many more.

Stock Items

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2018 Heritage Rail Components Catalogue

Vacuum Cylinder Overhaul Components

Product Number Part Specification
H7 Joint Ring 15" /Vacuum Cylinder
H8 Joint Ring 18" /Vacuum Cylinder
H9 Joint Ring 21" /Vacuum Cylinder
H48 Joint Ring 22" /Vacuum Cylinder
H10 Joint Ring 24" /Vacuum Cylinder
H1 Rolling Ring 15" /Vacuum Cylinder
H2 Rolling Ring 18" /Vacuum Cylinder
H5 Rolling Ring 18", O/S
H3 Rolling Ring 21" /Vacuum Cylinder
H6 Rolling Ring 21", O/S
H47 Rolling Ring 22" /Vacuum Cylinder
H40 Rolling Ring 22", O/S
H4 Rolling Ring 24" /Vacuum Cylinder
H29 Piston Rod Type 'E' Cylinders
H20 Seal - Cylinder Neck Ring Old Type "H" Section neck ring 1.5" I/D
H21 Seal - Cylinder Neck Ring Old Type "H" Section neck ring 1.75" I/D
H19 Seal - Cylinder Neck Ring Top Hat Standard, c/w nylon insert
H30 Bush - Piston Rod Guide 21" /Vacuum Cylinder
H28 Bush - Piston Rod Guide 24" /Vacuum Cylinder
H22 Case - Top Hat Steel
H23 Cover/Gaitor - Piston Rod Canvas

Steam & Vacuum Hoses

Product Number Part Specification
H17 Hose - Vacuum Brake 0.75" Nom. Bore by 14" length
H16 Hose - Vacuum Brake 0.75" Nom. Bore by 30" length
H15 Hose - Vacuum Brake 1" Nom. Bore by 24" length
H14 Hose - Vacuum Brake 2" Nom. Bore by 21" length
H11 Hose - Vacuum Brake 2" Nom. Bore by 30" length
H12 Hose - Vacuum Brake 2" Nom. Bore by 33" length
H13 Hose - Vacuum Brake 2.5" Nom. Bore by 26" length
H18 Hose - Steam Heat 1.75" Nom. Bore by 25"

Vacuum Cylinder Overhaul Kits

Product Number Part Specification
H34 Overhaul Kit 15" Vacuum Cylinder
H38 Overhaul Kit 18" Vacuum Cylinder
H39 Overhaul Kit 21" Vacuum Cylinder
H55 Overhaul Kit 24" Vacuum Cylinder
H33 Overhaul Kit - DA Valve Direct Admission Valve

Steam Heat Components

Product Number Part Specification
H31 Seal - Steam Heat Rubber
H36 Steam Valve Seal - Large 73 O.D x 60 ID x 5.75
H35 Steam Valve Seal - Small 63.5 O.D x 50.8 ID x 4.5

Vacuum Brake Components

Product Number Part Specification
H27 Swan Neck Tapped 2" BSP
H26 Washer - Vacuum Coupling Rubber
H42 Hose Clip Stainless Steel (specify diameter)